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081227_busrider2Yesterday would have been a great day to brew a pot of coffee, turn on some music and enjoy Chicago from inside my apartment.  That day turned out to be today, so I can’t complain much.  This is the part of Winter I enjoy.

Yesterday, on the other hand, I experienced the iciest sidewalks and streets of my life.  Folks were waiting literally hours for buses caught up in the chaos. Those of us that chose to close the gaps by walking as far as we could met the sidewalk on occasion with authority.  I took a great spill (body parallel to the ground) and decided to enjoy a few moments looking up at the sky before I picked myself up and dusted myself off.

Today though, it’s coffee, a great soundtrack, maybe a turkey melt, and then an outside adventure to the Chicago Theater to see My Morning Jacket.  Winter ain’t all bad.


Written by gregorymercer

December 27, 2008 at 9:55 am

Posted in sketches, subway

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